cPanel configuration

Set required PHP version globally

If you use entire cPanel account for classified ads. Or other apps support same version of PHP, you can set PHP version for entire account.

You can do that by:

  • go to cpanel page and log in
  • click Select PHP Version link in Software section
  • if you are not on “PHP Selector | extensions” page, click on right side link “Switch To PHP Extensions”
  • Select “PHP version” to 7.3 or newer using selection box and click on button “Set as current”
  • on image bellow is minimal list of required extensions that must be selected on your server, it is best to add only missing ones, without removing selected on your hosting by default, unless you know its is not needed
  • click save button to save changes

After applying changes, setting page should look like in image bellow (with minimal list of options selected. On your server do not deselect options selected by default, only enable missing ones, unless you know they are not needed)

  • after saving previous page, click “Switch To PHP Options” button
  • change “memory_limit” to maximal value
  • click save button

Set required PHP version for specific domain, subdomain or directory

  • if you want to have default PHP version different than required for this script
  • write down somewhere, for reference, PHP version you are currently using, you can find it in cpanel section: Switch To PHP Extensions after text Current PHP version
  • enabled extensions for version 7.3 (or newer) and save them like described in section Set required PHP version globally above
  • after that, you must make sure Current PHP version is restored to original value
  • in your classified app directory, in same directory where file zzzz_2max_io_classified_ads_project_root.txt is located, edit .htaccess file and add inside “CUSTOM HTACCESS START” section following lines:

For cPanel with LiteSpeed HTTP server:

# CUSTOM HTACCESS START - do not remove this line
<FilesMatch "\.php$">
SetHandler application/x-lsphp73
# CUSTOM HTACCESS END - do not remove this line
  • repeat same procedure of editing .htaccess file, for file install/.htaccess inside your app root directory

Other solutions: