DirectAdmin configuration

Set PHP version for domain using PHP Version Selector:

  • login to DirectAdmin
  • select classified app domain
  • go to Domain Setup in Your Account section
  • click classified app domain name, in Domain column of domains table ( in example image bellow)
  • at the bottom of page, in PHP Version Selector set First PHP to PHP 7.3 (or newer) and click Save, like in image bellow

Enable extension using Select PHP version (available on on some hosts)

  • login to DirectAdmin
  • select classified app domain
  • go to Select PHP version under Advanced features
  • after text: PHP version set PHP version to 7.3 (or newer), by using selection box and click Set as current button
  • select not enabled extension on your server, using image bellow as reference of correct settings, you should only enable missing extension, without removing existing ones, unless you know they are not needed
  • click Save button
  • click Show PHP Settings button on right side
  • set memory_limit to maximum available value and click Save button

Setting PHP version for specific, domain, subdomain or directory:

  • using file manager (Files on top of page), navigate to location of classified app
  • find .htaccess file, in same directory where zzzz_2max_io_classified_ads_project_root.txt is located
  • open .htaccess file
  • add inside “CUSTOM HTACCESS START” section following lines
# CUSTOM HTACCESS START - do not remove this line
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php73 php
# CUSTOM HTACCESS END - do not remove this line
  • repeat same procedure of editing .htaccess file, for file install/.htaccess inside your app root directory
  • save files