PHP Classifieds

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Quality over Quantity

When our clients tasked us to upgrade Classifieds Ads addons to their websites, first we tried to find, good quality PHP Classifieds scripts, that is already made.

Although we found many of them with long list of features. When looked closely and tested, it became clear that we can not use any of them. Some of them lacked performance. Others were filled with so many bugs and security issues, to the point it was clear we can not use them. And all of them lacked administrative features required to operate real world Classified site.

After we done our research, and could not find good solution, we stared talking with our clients, created list of reasonable features, that could be done in good quality withing constraints of their budget, and we created PHP Classifieds Ads by


Dynamic fields and Dynamic Filters

Dynamic fields provide Classifieds site users with easily searchable details  and more descriptive classifieds ads. Those advanced fields are latter used to generated dynamic filters, that allow users to narrow down classified ads, they are searching for. Extra filters could have form of number range, selection of multiple checkboxes, or select field with single selection. Which provides wide variety of extra fields that classifieds site administrator can use.