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Responsive Classified Ads with Custom Fields & Filters

This app is best for local news portal or site focused on single topic (bicycles, RC models, cars etc). Where can be used as subpage that provide ads directory functionality. At the same time providing another way of income for site through monetization of featured listings.

Great for site that will only use single currency in single city or region (county, province, metropolitan area, agglomeration). And does not require separation into regions and countries. Nonetheless it is still possible to separate listings into regions using custom fields as filters.

Main Features

Custom Fields and Custom Filters:

Extra fields feature, enables you to add fields for an ad. Those extra custom fields later can be used as extra filters, so users can search on them. Those additional fields can be used to improve different types of classified site listings. Such as mileage, number of seats, doors count, type of fuel for car/automotive/auto deals classified site. Number of bedrooms, surface area in real estate classifieds website. Position in job classifieds website.

Other features of PHP Classifieds Ads:

Minimal requirements

Purchase and Costs

Cost of this app: $399 netto + TAX

Price includes 2MAX Classified Ads with source code. For use, by you or one client, in a single end product. It includes updates and required fixes if app does not work as described for minimum period of 1 year.

After purchasing base version, you could also decide to make custom modifications and to get support form other vendor. To modify this app, you would need to find vendor with knowledge of PHP 7, MYSQL, Symfony 4, CSS, JS, gulp, linux, bash, jQuery and Bootstrap 4. Base version includes source code of app, and you are free to modify it to your needs.

Service Price
2MAX Classified Ads with source code $399
Single installation on your hosting or VPS $99 $7
Hour of work on your custom modifications $30
Hour of support $10
If you are interested in purchase or have any questions please contact us at: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest. With regards,